• Ven. Rewatha

Dharma Discussion Forum and Meditation Program

“Ime Cha Subhadda Bhikkhu Samma Viharayeung,

Na Sugngno Loko Arahantai Assa”

If these Bhikkus do well, the world will not be empty of people who achieve enlightenment. ”

- (Great Parinibbana Sutta, Deegha Nikaya.)

The program is organized by the Mettā Austrailia Inc which is an non-prfit orgnaization based in melbourne, Austrailia and as per the mettā's main objectives, it is their ulmost effort of spreading disseminate knowledge based on pure & undefined teachings of the Buddha, which unfortunately continue to disappear, due to erroneous preachings of doctrine.

This prgram is mainly consists of Dharma Serman, Dharma Discussions and Meditation training sessions permitting both the novice and experienced explorers of the Dhamma to fortify and align their perception in line with the Buddhist philosophy.

The “Ehipassiko International Meditation Center" and "Rideekanda Forest Monastery” which are Theravada Buddhist Religious centers, carrying out the noble Buddhist mission of providing guidance to thousands of devotees around the world over providing them with guidance to emancipate themselves from recurring suffering by ‘liberating the transcending’ the construct of the mind, by following the eight fold noble path preached by the Buddha. 

If you want know about “Ehipassiko International Meditation Center", please visit thier here

Dhamma sermons are programmed based on the teachings of the Buddha while the dissemination of it is delivered by Buddhist monks who are also meditation masters and spiritual advisers in the realm of the Dhamma.

The inaugural program is planned on the months of January and February in the year 2020 in Melbourne and we are planning to continue the program once in three months and also planning to have a monthly online program to be conducted for those who are interesting in learning further.

Join with Us to explore the Dharma...

Contact us for further details : +61 46 8 58 85 00

May the Supreme light of the Buddhist doctrine Shine Forth!

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